Saturday, December 14, 2013

Essential Oils For The Holiday Season

Don't be so busy this holiday season that you forget about
using essential oils.

Essential oils can do much to help turn this 
hectic time of year
into a more enjoyable experience.

Here are 5 tips I like applying these days... and you may want
to consider applying them, too.

Use Essential Oils to Enhance the Smell of Your Home Good smells and holidays go together. Lately, I've enjoyed diffusing a blend of orange, cinnamon and spruce.  
Other good choices this time of year are 
individual tree oils  like pine and balsam fir.  You can even swab the tips of the lights on your artificial Christmas tree with one of these oils to give it that real tree aroma.

Make Your Food and Drinks Special with Peppermint Oil 
What would the holidays be without some special foods 
drinks? With essential oils, it can be as easy as adding a couple
drops of peppermint oil to a cookie 
recipe or making some
peppermint tea for yourself and your guests.

For peppermint tea: add few drops of peppermint oil to a
1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil in the bottom of a tea cup, pour in
hot water, and stir in a little honey 
to taste.

Another quick food tip:  adding some nutmeg oil to your eggnog
makes it extra delicious.

Use Essential Oils to Help You Stay Well  
No one wants 
to get sick anytime, but especially during the

Essential oils can help protect you from illness.  The 
Thieves rubbed on the feet and diffused while 
sleeping is easy
and effective in this regard.

Use Essential Oils to Manage Stress 
Holiday stress 
can take away the joy of the season and can
lead to some self-destructive behavior.  Essentialoils can provide a great way to keep stress under control.

I like diffusing the blend Peace and Calming 
and rubbing
the blend Valor on my chest and shoulders 
as a way to manage
my stress in a healthy, effective way.

Take Essential Oils with You While Traveling  
Whether you are running across town for a holiday party or 
traveling out of state to visit family, it's a great idea to take
your most basic essential oils with you.

That way you'll be equipped for a whole variety of problems
that could arise while you're away. It's no fun having a headache
or stomachache spoil a time away  when either could easily
be addressed with essential oils.

There are many other ideas I could mention, but these are some
basic ones I don't want you to miss. 

~from Laura Bostrom

Be blessed and Merry Christmas!